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Over the last 50 years, SCVBC has played a vital role in people's lives.  Below is a sample of what some of them have said the Center means to them:

“The Santa Clara Valley Blind Center is a place for ongoing 'support' and learning to be independent. We fit into the greater community by allowing clients to learn from each other and to apply the skills we tried to learn in the formal classes at other places.  Sitting in classes is only a 'step' on the journey to independence.

I attended several local agencies - for an eye exam, an “adjusting to blindness’ course”, and to review their magnifiers and CCTVs.  I also attended a local blind employment agency for a technical assessment and took a computer course.  I found these services to be lacking.

I learned much more on how to be independent from SCVBC and its clients and staff.  I find it important to learn from other visually impaired people - the support groups and informal gatherings, where I can just talk and learn what others are doing and trying to do.  Seeing how others with vision problems are independent is motivation to go try and do stuff.

My sighted spouse also needs to be with other visually impaired people to see how they react, and the help they do and do not need.  It is very difficult for both of us to learn from each other because we do not have the experience with vision problems.  Learning that clients are still doing housework, yard work, traveling, and much more shows me that independence is just a frame of mind and encourages me to try to do more things.”    --  Arnold Chew


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